Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Welcome 2008!

Happy New Year! Dave and I had a wonderful 2007, but we are really excited for 2008. With the holidays behind us, we are getting geared up to start house hunting in the coming months. It's really exciting to talk about together and discuss what is important to both of us. For Dave, it's all about the yard! He wants it big and full of massive trees! For me, it's all about the 2 and a half baths! It's really not negotiable. :) To go along with the fun of house hunting this spring, I will be pushing my body to new levels. I began training this week for the Indianapolis Mini Marathon--13.1 mile race downtown this May. Yes, it's possible that I'm completely crazy. I won't endure the pain alone. My good friends Amanda and Sarah will be right there sweating and hyperventilating along with me! So here is to 2008! Bring it on!

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